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Welcome to My 21st Century Classroom! =]

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My Classroom
Hello my name is Samantha Perry I'm currently studying to become a teacher here at Edinboro University! I wish to teach kindergarten once I get out of school.
My perfect classroom layout is shown below.
All the students tables are in the middle of the classroom facing the projector and the square rug. The square rug will be used for morning meetings. during class I stay around the projectors while teacher or reading to my students this creates interactions with the students and I throughout the day. The students also have a reading corner at the top right and a circle rug to spread themselves out on. The kidney shaped table is used for reading groups. There is also a computer which allows the students to play games that deal with math! My classroom allows me to easily have one-on-one interactions with my students making it easy to communicate with each other. This all makes my classroom a highly productive, transparent, collaborating learning environment for the children.

Rituals and Routines

At the beginning on my day, my students come in and all sit in the square carpet until everyone is there. We start off our day with a morning meeting with consist of singing our classroom song to make sure everyone is here. Each child has a clothes pin with their name on it clipped to a board, as we all sing the song, after each child's name is called they come up and remove their clip, making this easier to see who is here and who is not. After our morning song the children start their day out at centers for about 10 minutes each. There is a different center at each of the tables and they are also allowed to use the reading carpet. During their time at centers I sit at the kidney table and call up reading groups. While I'm working with one group of children the rest are going about doing their center work. After centers is over all the student take a seat at their tables as we start math and I use the projector. I try to always keep my students involved and entertained, each week I change the design on my nails to match whatever the topic is that we are going over that week! So if the student ever wanted to find out what may be the main idea for the week they would just have to grab my hand and look at my nails.

Instructional Glimpse 

A typical day in my classroom would start out with our morning meeting which takes place on the square carpet, after out meeting and making sure everyone is present this day, the children will then go off to centers as I meet with them in their reading groups, centers last about ten minutes each. After centers the children will all come together for their lesson for math. During math we will use our smart board and the children will be able to come up and have any interactions with the board. By adding and subtracting the different pictures of pennies and dimes displayed on the board. After math the kids will have lunch and recess time, then they will come back into the room for science and social studies.

My Technology Integration

Since I'm teaching such a young group of children I will not be integrating technology within my classroom, but when it comes to their parent I will communicate with them through e-mail and phone when needed. Also if Kemptown would provide me with a smart-board I would use it for class lessons and when it come to math. If you're not familiar with a smart-board here is a video to show you how it works!

Personal Learning Networks 
 As of now, being a student personal learning networks are very helpful, but I don't think with being a teacher I will use them as much within the classroom. I may use them for myself as a teacher but the students wont be working with PLN's.

Feedback is always welcomed:) 

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