Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I believe...

I believe teaching comes with creativity....

There's really nothing worse than sitting through a class with a boring teacher, who never does anything different to change their regular routines. During high school most of my teachers were just like this! Having to sit in their class was always a drag, I would never want to go to class just for this reason, because of the fact that the teacher isn't doing anything "fun" and "exciting" all they would do was read notes, pass out papers, give us homework. Those classes were always the classes set aside, the ones I didn't care much for until I came to college.

Even though everyone say "college is going to be so much worse than high school" I actually believe that it's really not. My first year here at Edinboro University I had Dr. Skelly for psychology 101. Hands down he's the best teacher I've had. Hes not boring! He doesn't just sit there and read all the slides. Hes very active when it comes to teaching. He sometimes even changes his voice just because he was bored and it would gets our attention, or one of my favorites, he stood on his desk for a whole class to teach and occasionally he'll have props to go along with what hes talking about that day along with him cracking jokes and telling us about some funny stories that went along with the curriculum.

Those kind of things that gets students attention, that makes the teacher stand out from all the others is what I believe makes a great teacher!

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