Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hello again! Happy Tuesday! 

I am a sophomore at Edinboro University; I am currently taking SEDU183 with Professor Marc D. Smith also known as” BaldDaddieTeach.” Now that we are into the third week of the semester we’ve read the introduction and chapter one of Personal Learning Networks. The main focus of this book so far is introducing all kinds networking within a classroom.

 Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) has become a huge part in our schooling systems today even though they look easy to put together the book states that “While participating in these online spaces may appear easy, creating a PLN is in fact a highly complex intellectual and emotional task.” (Page 19) 

I think the introduction of Personal learning networks will end up being a great tool to use within any classroom. “What hasn’t changed is this: learning, online or off, is still social, and that’s good news for all of us.”(Page 19) I look at learning as the more there is to connect information to information, the better I can and will learn material and for example I would rather read an article online instead of reading an actual book! This is how personal learn networks can help students in a classroom, where reading books isn’t their strong point but going online could help them with that. 

A few of the main points throughout this chapter are The Big Shifts, Learning Networks, Changing Skills, Network efforts, Does it work?, and Looking forward versus looking backward. I think that if schools are willing to put the effort and the time into teaching students about all these networks and how to use them properly in the classroom, then PLNs should be a great success! 

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